Avoiding Suitcase Chaos

SUITCASE CHAOS: The endless task of searching through the suitcase black hole by folding and refolding items after you have rummaged through it to find that one item to wear. 

So what is the answer to this madness? Two words: Packing Cubes.

Packing cubes are like “drawers” for your suitcase. They are light weight, made of nylon fabric with zip closures and they are washable.  They also come in multiple colors and sizes which is awesome so you can get a different color for each member of the family 😉

For our latest vacation to two countries covering six cities with multiple hotels every few days I needed a system that was going to keep us organized! I purchased the medium size eBags which comes as a set of three cubes. Giving each person a set of three – one cube for tops, one for the bottoms and one for pajamas & undergarments. In an instant each person had their own “drawer” and knew instantly where to find what they were looking for! Not only that but the cubes seemed to compress the clothes so we managed to pack more clothes than we would have had we folded them into the suitcase! 

I also purchased the Bagail brand which came in a set of four varying sizes plus a dirty laundry bag. Both brands work great, though the eBags medium size can also be used for carry-on whereas the Bagail is more suited for your checked-in luggage. 

Check them out on Amazon before your next trip, totally worth the money! 

Click here for Amazon eBags 


Click here for Bagal packing cubes on Amazon 

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BabyNebula’s Pilot Visits Mad Science Summer Camp


Mad Science of Long Island

This week, our Flight Academy campers were treated to a special visit from a professional pilot! We appreciate the time he took out of his day to share his experiences with our campers.

To learn more please visit Mad Science for after school programs, summer camps and birthday parties!  http://www.madscience.org/

Sharing The Love of Aviation: Daddy’s day at Little Pilot’s Summer Camp

Mad Science Camps offers a wonderful summer program for kids of all ages. This year my son enrolled in Flight Academy and was excited to share with his instructors that his dad is a Pilot! Turns out the instructors were just as excited and invited my husband to share his knowledge of aviation with the children. As a general aviation pilot my husband brought in some very interesting items to share including IFR training glasses and headsets to try on, aeronautical maps and charts, a fuel tester, and a pilot checklist. He also provided a fun aviation alphabet worksheet for the children to write out their names phonetically using the aviation alphabet! They also received a diagram of aviation parts for a jumbo jet and for a small high wing airplane. The children were completely engaged and excited to ask lots of questions! Hoping to inspire these young children, I think my husband did a fantastic job and my little pilot said he loved having Daddy at summer camp!

National Aviation Day

Today is National Aviation Day! To celebrate and honor the achievements of the Wright Brothers and all aviation pioneers, in 1939, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt proclaimed Orville Wright’s birthday, August 19th, to be National Aviation Day. Check out this link for fun craft projects to inspire your little aviator! 


Aviation-themed Restaurant

Flying can make you hungry so the next time you’re in the Northeast be sure to touchdown at Waterbury-Oxford Airport (OXC) and taxi on over to the 121 Restaurant. The decor is amazing with large windows that give diners a front row seat to all the runway action and totally cool blue airplane lights decorate the interior seating and bar area. Awesome service coupled with mouth-watering all organic dishes that will keep any pilot satisfied on the next leg of their journey!
Visit the 121 Restaurant at OXC at http://121group.com

Cirrus Summer Flying – 4 Year Old’s first flight in the Cirrus

Summer is here and the time is right to make some holes in the sky! 

With the 8 year old set on a holding pattern for school and the two soccer teams and the 4 year old’s sight set on the sky, it was time to gear up and head for the airport! 

This was the 4 year old’s first time in the SR20 since my husband’s recent checkout on this really awesome plane. The Cirrus SR20 & SR22 are amazing aircraft’s with the most advanced technology.

It’s a long way from the Archer and even the Bonanza (which I have fond memories of flying round-trip with our 3 month old baby from Long Island to Orlando). The Cirrus also has air-conditioning! What a bonus on a hot summer day! Oh do I remember sweating buckets during a ground run up in a Cherokee at Tamiami Airport in Miami during a summer vacation in Florida many moons ago. 

Here are the Little Pilots getting a hand on lesson from Dad on the pre-flight checklist. Excited to help out and learn a thing or two! 

The 4 year old’s excitement was just contagious as we lifted off! His eyes said it all I must say! 

Of course flying makes you hungry so we decided to make a quick jaunt from FRG to XCO (Farmingdale to Waterbury Oxford in CT.) and enjoy a meal at the 121 Restaurant that is located right off the runway at XCO! If you are flying the Northeast, you really must fly by! Check them out at 121group.com. My kids loved the delicious food and really cool decor. In fact they are now asking for blue runway lights in their room just like the restaurant has around the dining area and bar!  Once dinner was done we headed back home and of course just as flying makes pilots hungry it can really be the best sleep that a 4 year old can experience with the hum of the engine and a headset nuzzled around his little face! 
Blue Skies!

Flying the not so “Nutty” Skies

The suitcases are packed, the back-pack is loaded with munchies and games. Tickets and passports are checked. Rental car and hotel info is checked. Okay we are clear! Lets load this car and dodge the traffic and head to the airport, we got a flight to catch! Oh but wait! This flight plan has a No Fly Zone – a peanut/tree nut allergy.

Our youngest Little Pilot was recently diagnosed with anaphylactic allergies to peanuts and tree nuts.  Our days of flight planning and weather briefings were now transformed into pre-boarding procedures and navigating through TSA with epi-pen auto injectors, antihistamines and a portable nebulizer.

For our most recent vacation we choose to fly JetBlue, not only do they have TV’s at every seat but they do not serve peanuts. JetBlue was surprisingly proactive once we informed them over the phone about the allergies.

On the day of our flight a JetBlue agent personally contacted us and gave us plenty of information on pre-boarding procedures. Once we arrived at the gate, an agent allowed us to pre-board the airplane to wipe down the seats and then they created a three row buffer zone by instructing the nearby passengers to refrain from eating peanut snacks which they may have brought on-board. The flight attendants were extremely helpful and informed us that JetBlue carries epi-pens on-board in case anyone needed it. With the rising rate of food allergies and the lack of awareness it was great to see an airline like JetBlue being so supportive with such critical needs.

Wishing Everyone Happy Travels!

Let The Wind Be Your Guide

My Little Pilot will be turning 7 soon and I feel myself getting slightly nostalgic as I look back at these pictures. Remembering the days of just grabbing the diaper bag and heading to the airport for a quick flight to nowhere seems to be far and few between these days. Between all the after school activities and weekend soccer games life has a way of rotating around a set calendar. So before the winds of Fall take us back to our routine I think its time we do some flight planning and let the warm Summer breeze be our guide as we take flight! Blue Skies!

A Walk Through History at the American Air Power Museum

The American Air Power Museum at Farmingdale Airport is filled with wonderful displays and historic aircraft and memorabilia, all of which remind us of the men and women that served for our country.

During the visit with my two Little Pilots we had the pleasure of meeting one of the many volunteer service men that shared an incredible story of the pilots that land their planes on an aircraft carrier.

Amazed and bewildered by the aircrafts and the opportunity to sit in an airplane cockpit and helicopter my two Little Pilots were more than excited to be amongst such history!

Fly. Just Fly.

Co Pilot: [Superman supports Air Force One’s damaged wing] What the hell happened, we got our engine back? What the hell is going on out there?

Air Force One Pilot: Fly. Just fly. We got… something. I ain’t saying what it is. Just… trust me.

~~ Superman Movie


Luv Superman and so do my Little Pilots!

BabyNebula – defined


What’s with the name someone asked me the other day.

My little angel, my inspiration, my little baby I say.

And what better word since Baby Nebula actually appears as a shape of a baby or fetus laying on its back in a large nebula of the constellaton of Cassiopeia.

Aviation Theme Birthday Party

The Little Pilot was flying in-style as he celebrated his birthday at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, NY!

Each of the co-pilots received identity badges with their names printed on them as they came aboard to celebrate the day!

Goody bags included airplane magnets, plastic flyers, paper gliders and chocolate airplanes purchased from the local pilot shop. Our favorite airlines, Southwest and JetBlue generously provided airplane wings and paper airplane models. The kids had a blast!